Residents of Lennoxville’s Mount Street seek municipal remedy to ice problem

Residents of Lennoxville’s Mount Street seek municipal remedy to ice problem

By Lawrence Belanger

Local Journalism Initiative


Lennoxville residents Jocelyn Calvert and Kathleen Mullin attended the Lennoxville Borough Council meeting on Monday, Dec. 12 to bring attention to what they believe is illegal water drainage creating a thick, dangerous sheet of ice in front of four homes, including theirs, on Mount Street. After getting nowhere with different municipal agencies and the private contractor responsible for its construction, Calvert contacted Lennoxville Councilor Claude Charron, who suggested bringing the problem to the council’s attention.

“It’s urgent. Something needs to be done.” conveyed Calvert, the owner of one of the properties, where she and her adult daughter Mullin both live. Her impatience has been growing, as she’s been trying to rectify this since at least November of last year. Speaking after the meeting adjourned, Calvert explained her problem to Councilor Guillaume Lirette-Gélinas and Borough Council Secretary André Blais.

Showing them pictures on her phone, Calvert detailed how a few years ago, a contractor further up the road dug out much of the natural slope in order to build three residential units. According to an email sent to the Record by Mullin, flattening the natural slope disrupted the underground water table, causing erosion and waterlogged soil. The contractor in question returned to construct the drainage pipe now causing the ice.

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