Saint Pat’s is back on the streets of Richmond

By Gordon Lambie
Saint Pat’s is back on the streets of Richmond
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

If there was any doubt as to whether people would be back after two years without a Saint-Patrick’s Day Parade on the streets of Richmond, it was put to rest on Sunday afternoon. Crowds of people once again lined the streets of the Eastern Townships community that has long been renowned across the province for its annual celebrations of Irish heritage and culture.

Though grey clouds threatened rain, the weather largely cooperated to allow parade-goers of all ages to celebrate without fear of getting their wigs wet or smearing their green face-paint.

The parade itself featured participation from many familiar community organizations and businesses that have spent less time in the public eye as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the local 4H club, the Richmond Fair board, the farmers’ market, and, of course, the Saint-Patrick’s Society. There was also a variety of horses, tractors, and large trucks taking part, interspersed with marching bands and other groups from near and far.

For a few more images from the parade, see page seven, and for news of another festive celebration this past weekend, see Jessie Pelletier’s report and photos on page 2.

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