Sherbrooke man found guilty of harassing Sherbrooke MNA

Sherbrooke man found guilty of harassing Sherbrooke MNA
(Photo : Record archives/Gordon Lambie)

Record Staff

“Today is the end of a long saga,” reads a message on the Facebook page of Sherbrooke MNA Christine Labrie, detailing her experience filing harassment complaints against two men in November of 2019 for abusive, violent and degrading comments.
One of the men, who had left hateful phone messages, pleaded guilty earlier in the spring. The case against the second accused went to trial and following testimony from both sides, including Labrie and a member of her team, the man was found guilty on Monday.
“It has been worth it,” The MNA wrote in her Facebook statement.
Labrie first drew attention to online violence suffered by elected representatives, and in particular by women, at the National Assembly in late November 2019.
She quoted comments, taken from real messages sent to Labrie and her colleagues, shocking in their cruelty, and having nothing to do nothing to with criticism of an elected official.

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