Stanstead offering free first responder training

By Gordon Lambie
Stanstead offering free first responder training

The Town of Stanstead is offering an information session for anyone in the community who might be interested in becoming a first responder in the hopes of increasing the number of people on hand in case of an emergency situation. The meeting is set to take place next Thursday evening, August 12, at 6:30 p.m.
“We need many well-trained people able to respond quickly in the case of emergency calls. It could make all the difference in saving lives,” said Stanstead Mayor Philippe Dutil.
According to Rachel Burnham, Stanstead’s Communications Coordinator, the meeting is meant to serve as a way of gauging interest and encouraging participation in a future training session for First Responder 1 class (PR-1) which includes CPR, reanimation and anaphylaxis training.

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