Vehicle thefts continue to spike in Sherbrooke

By Michael Boriero
Vehicle thefts continue to spike in Sherbrooke

A few weeks ago the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) warned residents of a sudden increase in vehicle thefts, but the situation has yet to subside, and if anything it has gotten worse.

According to SPS Spokesperson Martin Carrier, three Jeep Cherokee’s were reported stolen all in the same night last week. The carjackers are stealing trucks, pickups and SUVs, he explained, adding Toyota, Dodge, Jeep, and Ford appear to be among the popular targets.

“I’d say for the past month it hasn’t stopped. We can qualify this as a wave of stolen vehicles. Just to give you an idea, overnight this weekend, Sunday to Monday, we had four stolen Dodge Rams on the territory, the same night within a few hours of each other,” said Carrier.

He added that the vehicles are typically recent models, maybe a year old, and they’re worth between $70,000 and $80,000. Carrier also noted that the carjackers aren’t sticking to one area. They’re hitting every neighbourhood in Sherbrooke. It’s really everywhere, he said.

“We have it in Rock-Forest, Saint-Élie, in the north, it’s all over,” Carrier said in a phone interview. “In talking with other police organizations in Quebec, we know that it’s a network, so they’re people who come to Sherbrooke, steal and then head to Montreal.”
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