30 years of Touring les Arts

By Staff Writer

By Ocean Francoeur

From July 14 to 22, the towns of Sutton, Abercorn, Knowlton, Bolton, Potton and Brome will be immersed in the unique world of art, music and theater. Running for an impressive 30 years, the annual Tour des Arts allows visitors to go behind the scenes where the magic happens, and meet local artists in an intimate and unique way, while simultaneously enjoying the beauty of the region.
The president of the Tour, Almut Ellinghaus, was delighted to have another year of the event start up again.
“You get to come see local artists’ studios. You’re in their space, you see all their work, their process, what makes them tick. Every year there are new artists on the tour. There’s always something new to see, and artist are always taking things in new directions, so it’s new even if they’re not new,” she said. “You can just come by, have fun, drive, stop at B&Bs, restaurants. And the drive is so beautiful through the lovely bucolic landscapes.” See full story in the Friday, June 29 edition of The Outlet.

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