Freedom Fighters in Stanstead

Freedom Fighters in Stanstead
(Photo : Christopher Roy)

Protestors call for an end to COVID-19 border restrictions

By Cassie MacDonell
Local Journalism Initiative
On Saturday, May 14 Freedom Fighters Canada held a protest at the Stanstead/Derby Line border to demonstrate against COVID-19 border mandates imposed on unvaccinated travellers. Currently, unvaccinated Canadians and Americans, with some exceptions, are not permitted to cross the Canada/United States border from either side.
The protest was held by Freedom Fighters Canada as part of their North American Unity Tour. As stated by the Freedom Fighters Canada Facebook page, the Stanstead protest was the second rally stop of the tour, the first being in Niagara Falls, with plans to hold other border rallies throughout the summer. The group’s directive is to “end government overreach, protect the freedoms fought for by our forefathers and see our citizens remain glorious and free,” explained their website. “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”
Jody Stone, Mayor of Stanstead, said the protest did not cause any major incidents. “My understanding is that it all went peacefully. It might have disrupted some businesses,” said Stone. He explained that other than causing some parking issues for local stores and restaurants, there were no other considerable problems.
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