Local churches use Lent to lend a hand to Mental Health Estrie

By Gordon Lambie
Local churches use Lent to lend a hand to Mental Health Estrie

Representatives of Lennoxville and Plymouth-Trinity United Churches presented two cheques totaling over $1,500 to Tanya Gibson, the executive director of Mental Health Estrie (MHE), on Sunday afternoon, capping off a fundraising campaign the two church communities held over the course of the Christian season of Lent.

Gibson, accompanied by MHE founder Judy Ross and board chairperson Esther Barnett, expressed gratitude for the support from the two churches.

“It really validates the work we do,” Barnett said, praising the fact that the “Lenten share calendar” activity provided not only a source of funding but also a daily reminder to participants of the work of Mental Health Estrie and the challenges facing those living with mental health conditions.

“This idea of the Lenten share calendar has been done for many years, and every year the money goes to a different cause,” shared Martha Welsh of Plymouth-Trinity, explaining that the calendar presented participants with a fact or question each day, the answer to which determined the amount needing to be set aside of the cause that day. Although the total any one person might end up giving capped at around $30, the total collective effort and group participation made the overall donation greater.

Read the full story in The Record on Tuesday, August 8.

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