More from Stanstead Mayor Jody Stone

More from Stanstead Mayor Jody Stone

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative


“Recently we’ve been working on a pump track and a multi-surface area,” Stanstead Mayor Jody Stone said, referring to two additions to a local municipal park. A pump track is a hilly loop for bicycles, skateboards, and scooters; the multi-surface area includes new pickleball courts and a basketball court. Videos exist of their pump track being used. “It’s really cool,” he added.

The town is in the middle of finishing these additions and will hold an official opening of the park within a few weeks. The purpose of these new features is to help keep the local youth active, Stone explained. It is also a place where they can meet up with friends. Stone has seen groups of children heading towards the park to use the pump track himself.

The town has asked the community to vote on a name for the park, which currently remains nameless. The new name of the park will be announced at the opening ceremony, which “different levels of government” will attend. Stanstead residents were given a choice between four names: Generations Park, Three-Villages Park, Stanstead Park, and Pioneers Park. They aimed to give choices that work well in both languages.

The new multi-surface area involved moving the skating rink and the skating rink building. Stone has seen children playing hockey on rollerblades on the new surface.

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