Sherbrooke officials remove temporary bike lanes

By Michael Boriero – Local ­Journalism Initiative Reporter


Sherbrooke’s municipal council concluded its temporary bike lanes pilot project in the eastern and western parts of the city. They started to dismantle the cycling paths yesterday morning.
In a press release, Mayor Steve Lussier said the project was a great idea to get people out of their homes throughout the peak months of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the lanes have been cause for concern.
“We note that there are several security issues linked to the project and we prefer to review the concept over the next few months to come back with a different project, ” Lussier explained.
Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and residents living along the new paths have all voiced their opinions. Motorists struggled to leave their driveway, people walking on foot dealt with visibility issues and bus stop frequency created more traffic.


See full story in the August 19 edition of The Record

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