Visit Japan by way of North Hatley

By Gordon Lambie

The North Hatley Library is welcoming the “Go-Somewhere!” Japanese Art Tour this coming Sunday, sharing with the local community the creations of five Japanese artists who came to the community over the summer. Beginning this weekend and continuing through November 23, the work of Tomoko Aso, Akiko Takeuchi, Kurumi Wakaki, Mami Yonekura, and Tsubomi Yonekura offers a chance for the people of North Hatley and the surrounding area to see a diverse collection of art from halfway around the world. According to librarian Pauline Vallée, Go-Somewhere! Toured across Quebec and Ontario over the summer with the mission of helping the artists gain exposure to new ideas and build a broader reputation. Although already established artists, Vallée said that the five are more likely to secure exhibit space in their home country if they can demonstrate experience in foreign lands. The tour also opened up opportunities to draw inspiration from an experience outside of life in Japan. See full story in the Friday, Nov. 1 edition of The Outlet.

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